Company Secretary

Eight years in the industry and she still will not do on call… unless there is a pandemic…

What does Laura bring to the table?

A lot of snacks and banter for starters! Oh, and the odd silly comment of ‘do you have to use a motorway to get there?’. This is why she does accounts and not transport; she would get lost in a circle.

For her job, Laura has an excellent eye for detail and not much passes her.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to Laura at work? 

Embarrassing is Laura’s middle name I think… she is always falling over nothing and walks into the door most days… but I must say I think her most embarrassing thing was when she was new and asked Jim if he was in to register and if she could help him with anything only to realise he was actually the owner!

If Laura won an Oscar who would she thank? 

Anyone and everyone because she doesn’t half waffle, and she would finish the speech by getting everyone to do a Jager Bomb!

Out of everyone in the office, who could Laura see herself bailing out of prison? 

It would definitely be Charlotte, after all, Laura the bad influence is probably the reason why she’s there in the first place!

What does Laura think makes Jobsworth a good place to work? 

Laura said;

“I love how no matter how embarrassing a story can be or how heartwarming it is, we can all talk about it together. I think we are more like a family than work colleagues. It does not even feel like there is an age gap between any of us as we all look out for one another, through the good times and the bad!”