Payroll Administrator

What does Kiera bring to the table? 

Kiera is the baby of the office, currently learning the ropes. She is usually the one forgetting tea and coffee orders. 

What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to Kiera at work?

Nothing yet but its only early days, but she is a very clumsy person so will not be too long until something happens  

If Kiera won an Oscar who would she thank? 

She would thank her family, friends, and her dog flash  

Out of everyone in the office who would Kiera see herself bailing out of prison first. 

Nobody as Kiera is indecisive and would not be able to choose just one person – especially after a few glasses of wine 

What makes jobsworth a good place to work? 

I have only just started here at Jobsworth, and I already feel very welcomed to this office family, everyone is helpful and lovely to speak to. It is also nice to be learning and gaining new experiences and is a great opportunity!!