Recruitment Consultant

What does Keara bring to the table?

Keara is a very loud bubbly person in the office and is very noticeable with her northern accent.

She will only drink Yorkshire tea with a splash of milk and makes everyone aware of this and don’t forget the biscuits!!

What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to Keara at work? 

Keara has been very lucky so far and has not had anything embarrassing happen as of yet. But only time will tell and I’m pretty sure it wont be long before something happens.

If Keara won an Oscar, who would she thank? 

She would start by thanking her family and friends then go on to thank everyone and their dog.

Out of everyone in the office, who could Keara see herself bailing out of prison? 

It would probably be the other Keira because what wouldn’t she do.

What does Keara think make’s Jobsworth a good place to work? 

The team at Jobsworth are so warm and welcoming and made me feel as if I am one of them. They are some of the funniest yet the most supportive people I have ever met, and I have only been here a short amount of time.