National Account Manager

James has spent the last seven years in the murky trenches of Driving Recruitment with Jobsworth. That makes him the “Chuck Norris” of the Industry in our eyes, a seasoned pro who knows his stuff.

What does James bring to the table?

In all honesty regarding food and other shared items….. very little, he is a firm believer that less is more until it’s someone else’s and then it’s partially his.

In terms of his job, James is the epitome of how Jobsworth has always worked. No quarter given, heart on our sleeve recruitment. He leaves nothing out there and expects the same from his team.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to James at work? 

James’ finest hour came this week where we have him on CCTV twokking a child’s bike from the Warehouse and riding it around the Car Park until he came to an untimely end on a patch of oil.

Prior to that, James’ forgetful nature and ability to eat lots in a morning saw him don an old pair of trousers after leaving his suit ones at home.

By lunch, he had dramatically split said items and had the pleasure of checking temps onsite in a pair of black slip-on dress shoes and grey jogging bottoms… Classy James.

If James won an Oscar who would he thank? 

James would thank his mate Ant and Sir Henry Weston, he’s clearly a weird one our James.

Out of everyone in the office, who could James see himself bailing out of prison? 

Unless James could ring himself, he would ring no-one.

In fact we would go as far to say if any of the team had one phone call it would be pointless ringing James, he’d either be engaged if he was on-call or ignoring his phone and watching footy if he wasn’t working.

He very much is a creature of habit.

What  does James think makes Jobsworth a good place to work? 

James said;

“The whole Jobsworth team is just like me, quirky, passionate and they don’t take themselves too seriously… Until they have to of course, but when things do get tough, the whole team pulls together and mucks in.”