Regional Driving Manager

Ant has been part of the Jobsworth family for 2 months, learning all aspects of the business and will always muck in to help every member of the team

What does Ant bring to the table?

Plenty of recruitment experience in both Driving and Industrial. Tea/coffee/sugar/milk…If I buy it, I don’t have to make it in theory.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to Ant at work? 

I have been fortunate enough to not have anything embarrassing happen so far, but I do spend more time out of an office than in it.

If Ant won an Oscar who would he thank? 

No-one, I won it because of me not anyone else 😊

Out of everyone in the office, who could Ant see himself bailing out of prison? 

Kiera for her regular dippy comments/opinion on what kettle water tastes best in the office or JT for his constant abuse and honest opinion on social media.

What does Ant think make’s Jobsworth a good place to work? 

I have only just started but the immediate relaxed atmosphere and constant banter flying round is a good start.