Driving Consultant

What does Abby bring to the table?

The Stacey Soloman of the office, who never stops talking and has an infectious laugh. She makes ‘a bostin cuppa tea or coffee’, when she isn’t too busy talking away on the phone. Abby takes on multiple roles in recruitment resourcing and administrative tasks and likes to be given a challenge.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to Abby at work? 

On Abby’s first day she claimed her password wasn‘t working to login to her computer. It turns out she wasn‘t using the password she had been given and just made up her own! Beginner‘s nerves, but we got there in the end!

If Abby won an Oscar who would she thank?

Every man and his dog because she wouldn‘t be able to think of one person. She would be talking for an hour, and it would probably be dead boring.

Out of everyone in the office, who could Abby see herself bailing out of prison? 

James Hines, because who else is going to have a pork sarnie for lunch with her?

What does Abby think makes Jobsworth a good place to work? 

Abby said;

“I only work part-time at Jobsworth due to having a young daughter at home, but the three days I do work here is the highlight of my week. By allowing me to work flexibly, it has created a happy balance to home and work life, which I could not be more thankful for. Jobsworth is like one big family; we pull together through the good and the bad. We have a laugh altogether, but we get the job done, and most importantly we do it right.”