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Kyle Williams in search of honours

Kyle Williams holding victory belt in the boxing ring

The English Bantamweight Champion takes on Scotland’s Kash Farooq in the British Champions backyard of Glasgow on Thursday, 25th April 2019.

Kyle is sponsored by Jobsworth Recruitment and we support him every step of the way.

This really should be any exciting fight.

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Check out our new app!

Mobile in hand with Jobsworth app on screen

Jobsworth are proud to announce we have a new app!

Our app will allow us to communicate better with candidates and clients, keep workers up to date with information and allow jobseekers to check out live jobs wherever they want.

Key features include online registration, timesheet uploads and worker availability.

You can download our app by searching for jobsworth recruitment in the store or click below:

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Why use a recruitment agency?

Recruitment agency descriptive words cloud

It’s the perennial question, isn’t it? Why use a recruitment agency when you can recruit directly yourself?

Well, thousands of business can’t be wrong in choosing to let specialists support their recruitment campaigns, now can they?

There are many reasons to choose a specialist, but namely because you benefit from their expertise. After all, that’s what they do, day in and day out!

But if you want to know why you should use a recruitment agency, here’s our shortlist of 5 key reasons:

1. A dedicated team of qualified recruitment experts bringing vast local, industry or sector experience; so we truly understand the labour market in your area, discipline or business sector.

2. A rigorous and fully-managed recruitment process using our extensive local networks and database to give you unrivalled access to quality workers and candidates.

3. Our recruitment advertising brings you a strong and powerful brand presence across specialist channels, including social media and job boards; we know what works to get you the best return.

4. Quality candidate management of the entire recruitment process, from screening and legislative checks, to interviewing, any necessary accredited training and providing references.

5. Tangible business benefits; with excellent placement success rates, we pride ourselves on being able to save you time and money, and add value to your talent pool.

Our commitment to delivering a personal, professional and straightforward service is truly valued by our clients and candidates alike. We can support temporary, contract, interim, fixed term or permanent recruitment; whatever suits your business requirements.

For more information, an introduction pack or to register a vacancy get in touch today!

8 in 10 UK manufacturers affected by worker shortage

Man welding metal within industrial environment wearing helmet, suit and gloves

Post-Brexit, the UK Government is looking to reduce immigration from the EU by as much as 80% and around the same percentage of manufacturers are already reporting a shortage in labour. With an ageing population and high employment meaning competition for talent is high, UK manufacturers stand to be hit hard by the proposed post-Brexit immigration policy.

The UK has seen the number of manufacturing jobs fall by 17% since 2006, according to estimates based on data from the Office of National Statistics. Artificial Intelligence (AI) was largely blamed for this trend, and it was thought for some time that automation would see that figure increase even more, as the industry hosting many repetitive roles that could be automated.

However, human touch is now seen to remain an essential asset to the industry. Instead, AI should be wielded to improve the performance of the human workforce, rather than replace it.

However, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has found that over four-fifths of manufacturers struggled to hire the right staff in the final months of 2018.

In a survey of 6,000 employers across the country, the organisation found 81% of manufacturers and 70% of service sector firms reported difficulties with recruiting staff with the right qualifications and experience. This means British manufacturers currently face the largest shortage of skilled workers since 1989, with UK employment at a high, and fewer EU27 nationals arriving in the UK to work since the Brexit vote.

Commenting on this data, Dr Adam Marshall, Director General of the BCC, said the government should listen more closely to business when it came to drawing up its migration policies. He explained, “Business concerns about the government’s recent blueprint for future immigration rules must be taken seriously – and companies must be able to access skills at all levels without heavy costs or bureaucracy.”

LGV Legislation Update

cyclist, taxi and lorries waiting at traffic lights

It has always been inadvisable to pass too closely to a cyclist for safety reasons but you could now be fined if you come within a certain distance while overtaking.

Following law changes which will take place in March 2019, motorists could be fined for not leaving enough space between a vehicle and a bike. Failure to do so could land you with a £100 fine and three points on your licence.

Police forces across the country are being encouraged to penalise those who drive dangerously close to cyclists.

The Highway Code states drivers should leave at least 1.5m (4.9ft), which is roughly a car door width.

Start your journey…

'Start your journey with Jobsworth' poster

For more information check out our full advert on the latest jobs page, email or call in confidence to Andrew on 0121 5506667 or

Temp of the month

Employee holding up Jobsworth branded jacket

Massive congratulations to Keith Hunt, our temp of the month!

Technical & Industrial: Keith Hunt
Keith is a real favourite at Jobsworth, friendly, polite, reliable, and hard working.
Keith continuously goes above and beyond to show Jobsworth in a good light and has found his home within our manufacturing client, where he is much loved by all.

Without dedicated people like Keith, Jobsworth would not be able to function, so a big thank you for his continued efforts and for representing us in a positive way.

Well deserved Keith!!

Driving Compliance

man in hard hat holding clipboard

Does your current agency do the following things? If not, you maybe need to talk to us.

– 10 stage prescreen prior to registration
– 50 question driving test
– 2 obtained references
– 5 year minimum work history
– Face to face interview
– Initial and regular licence checks
– Tachograph training
– Tachograph Infringement Workshops

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For further details on rules and regulations visit: